Art is The Essence of Life...Gift of Choice Interview

November 30, 2015

Jenna Cornell had the pleasure of chatting with Bonnie Groessl from The Gift of Choice. In this interview, Jenna and Bonnie discuss some of her "rules" of being an artist, the importance of goal setting, and being an indie author.


After returning to college as an adult, she made a staunch decision that she was going to live life on her terms and embrace her artistic side full throttle. As an artist, she has a few rules she lives by. In this interview with Bonnie, she reveals a couple of her "rules to live by" that she follows. Integrity and having a personal ethic are important elements in the artistic career, but goals are also important.


Like many artistic people, Jenna struggles with finishing projects in a timely manner. Although she has always been a goal setting type of person ("I'm going to do that this year..."), she never truly applied it to her life until a few years ago. She was a casual goal setter rather than a determined goal setter. Speaking to Bonnie on The Gift of Choice, she let's Bonnie in on how her decision to embrace dedicated goal setting has allowed her to publish her poetry, and also helped her continue her pursuit of an artist's life.


The artist's life is a journey and Jenna shares how she got into indie publishing, as well as what kind of person would fit the indie lifestyle. Indie publishing is still a bit taboo in the publishing world and it can be a hard road for an author, but it is worth every minute spent working hard.


Listeners can enjoy the entire podcast beginning on November 30, 2015 at 5am. The podcast is available 24/7.




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