"Mastering the Fine Art of Time Management Published!

October 10, 2017

Jenna Cornell's short story "Mastering the Fine Art of Time Management" has been published. The short story focusing on the importance of family, the finite nature of life, and how time seems to rule everything people do, can be found in The Remembered Arts Journal's Fall 2017 edition.


Here is an excerpt of the short story:


I’m not sure what is more crushing: to be the child who lost a father, or the child who must comfort the parent who lost a spouse. I don’t know. Maybe both work together simultaneously. Maybe both of us would heal one another of our grief. Maybe we never would be the same people ever again. Maybe time heals all wounds. Maybe it’s a vicious maniacal rouse we’re taught by others trying to manage the twisted rouse themselves. People are bound by Time’s insensitive amusement to change on a dime, just as I am bound to its dirty pleasure.


To read the story in its entirety and to enjoy the other talented writers published in the Fall 2017 edition, visit The Remembered Arts Journal.





 Photo by: Kaley Dykstra; courtesy of Remembered Arts Journal

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