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The Steadfast Center Inc


Here at The STEADFAST Center, we are driven by a single goal: empowering women to create strong, successful, healthy, and happy futures through life-long education, financial assistance, and community resources.

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Building Homes


Empowering women to be self-reliant and build strong communities.


At The Steadfast Center, we follow 9 Pillar Values:
• Successful women build strong communities.
• Successful women are teachable and eager to mentor other women.
• Successful women are educated through life-long learning.
• Successful women are aspirational.
• Successful women are dedicated to their causes.
• Successful women are free emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.
• Successful women are accomplished and embrace their brilliance.
• Successful women are self-sustained in their endeavors.
• Successful women are tender when it’s needed most.

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The STEADFAST Center's main goal is to provide education scholarships to women across the country to achieve their college degree.

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