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A Collection of Poems and Art

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Find out what people are saying about Jenna's work.

"I did an excellent interview with a talented journalist named Jenna Cornell. She asked all the right questions and made it relevant and can read it if you like."

Nick Michaels, In the Deep End

Fantastic Illusions of Life, Love, the Birds, and the Bees by Jenna Cornell ©2015


5 stars, Beautiful and emotional

"Fantastic Illusions of Life, Love the Birds and the Bees is an exciting collection of poems full of imagination and imagery, movement and emotion, of a life being lived.
The writing on the back states that the poems ''hint at the ironic coin people flip in everyday life'' - this is a good description. For example - in 'Push' the author is able to ''push through'', ''Push onward'', ''push back'', ''push ahead''. But in 'Squall' she is ''A soul broken''. In 'Luminous Belief' she wants to believe in ''dreams and visions'', but in 'Visions in Twilight, ''Encapsulated dreams'' are ''harsh realities''.
There are four poems - 'Whirlwind', 'Noise of Life', 'Rain against the Brain' and 'The Eternal Optimist in Melancholy Madness' - that I found particularly powerful in their expression of emotion, confusion and stress. Though in 'Rain against the Brain' there is an admission of ''Too much contemplation'' - that made me smile as it is something I can be guilty of.
But my favourite poem is the romantic 'Midnight Sea' with its vivid imagery - ''Where fire-tailed eagles dive/ among the celestial/ bodies flow. A moonlit/ waltz, to then fro amidst/ the ever-present flow.'' - beautiful. I recommend this book."

-Amazon, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 14, 2016

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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." ~~~Eden Ahbez

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